Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dance Blessings

The last dance class was uneventful. We didn't learn any new dances, even though it's a class. We didn't aim to perfect any dances, even though it's a class. Instead, we repeated every single dance we could cram into an hour and a half. Some were easy. Some were difficult. Actually, only one was semi-difficult, and the rest was cake.

Jean, the woman who won't teach the dance by Pink because she doesn't like the language and ignores the lyric in "Toes" about having your "ass" in the sand, wished everyone a very blessed Christmas at the end of class. I looked at S and repeated, Yes, blessings for you. I'm sure she'll have a Christ-filled Hanukkah.

On our way out, we thanked Jean and said goodnight. She came over and said she hoped we would come back since she didn't teach the songs we liked. What the? Really? We liked the songs and she agreed to play most of what S requested. Hmmm. This was an interesting turn of events. All this time, I thought Jean had the upper hand....we have the power now. We have the power!

But we still haven't learned Raise Your Glass, so maybe not. We assured her we'd be returning to class next session. To learn some new dances. But also, most likely, dances we already know.

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